Eigg  - a rocky inlet
Beech hedge at the King's Forest
Oak gall at Knettishall Heath
Idiosyncratic icicle
Blue lagoon
Five oystercatchers
Cornus Kousa
Going for gold
Moss Mire
Myrtle Bay
A window in the waterfall
Ice kaleidoscope
Oak fantastic
More welsh gold
Textures in blue
Autumn perfect
Cow parsley
Weathersmitten, No 1
Weathersmitten, No 2
Bramble and grass
The King's Wood
The Careening Hard
Hebridean Blue at Huisnis
The white pebble
The joy of lichen
Autumn oak
Pig Nut
Lachrymose Thistle
Ebernoe beech
Furnace pond
Golden cauldron
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