If you cannnot see across the Sound of Sleet it is raining.jpg

If you cannot see across The Sound of Sleet it must be raining

On a recent Digital Dawn workshop in Skye I very much enjoyed working at Loch Na Dal, which looks across the Sound of Sleat towards the mainland. This and the one below are two photographs made in short order from slightly different viewpoints

If you can see across the Sound of Sleet it s just about to rain.jpg

If you can see across the Sound of Sleat it must be about to rain

I think that i actually prefer this version, slightly darker in tone, but lighter in spirit

Loch Na Dal, Skye.jpg

Loch Na Dal

The third photograph looks the other way down the Sound.

It is always interesting to see how photographs made with a longer lens turn out. I had not seen the nicely placed bird and like to think that I have accidentally picked up a basking seal - certainly I spent some time watching seals in the bay that morning

Camas Malag, Skye.jpg

Camas Malag, near Torrin

Whilst concentrating on black and white for the week in Skye some photographs demand colour

Ord, Skye.jpg

The temptation was to place the foreground rocks so they pointed into the image and probably go for a longer exposure.


Blended Multiple Exposures

I have dabbled a little with this technique which I am finding useful in woodland in particular. Sometimes in camera, sometimes, as here, in software. I limit myself to exposures made from the same place at the same time.

This sequence of three exposures captures a thicket at Knettishall Heath where the first green shoots of the honeysuckle compete with the last leaves of the old oak and an oak gall for attention.

Beech Extravanganza.jpg

The King’s Forest is a commercial woodland laid out in blocks but the Forestry Commission have also preserved some parcels of older trees. I imagine this line of beech trees is a former property boundary and three exposures have again intermingled the trees and the understorey.

Shingle Street Dawn No 1.jpg

Shingle Street Dawn

No 1: A seemingly productive dawn at Shingle Street. Most images here are made near the iconic coastguard cottages but I prefer the area slightly to the north where the river merges with the sea

There are four images and it will be interesting to see which, if any, stand the test of time

Shingle Street Dawn No 2.jpg


Shingle Street Dawn No 3.jpg

No 3

Shingle Street Dawn No 4.jpg

No 4